Brandon Grisez is a lifelong Ohioan, United States Marine, and works on the forefront of central Ohio job creation. 


Who are we? No really, in 2017, what is America?

We have lost sight of ourselves. We have lost sight of our values. We raise a flag with a shrug, salute our troops with a sigh, and sit around our kitchen tables in anxiety. The foundation of American exceptionalism has been shaken by both sides, and a shroud of negativity has taken over the American people.

In times of doubt, we have a responsibility to raise that flag a little higher. The red, white and blue are not colors of shame. The American spirit is not defined by fear. Our greatness is a chapter that is already written and just needs to be re-read. Its first chapter is the Declaration of Independence, its next chapter is today.

I announce my candidacy for US Congress today because I am born and raised in Ohio. I served this great country in Iraq as a proud member of the Marine Corps, where my brothers and sisters in arms learned the meaning of sacrifice, and fought with a burning spirit only matched by the hot sun above. We defended our values in battle when it was hard.

But pushing through the hard is a characteristic that is uniquely American. After taking some time for family, and working hard in the private sector as an Account Coordinator watching Ohio’s economy create jobs, I’ve decided to dust off my boots to serve once again.

The US Congress is plagued by an 8% approval rating. Americans call it like they see it – Washington has completely forgot us, and has left constituents behind. Members of Congress run away instead of engaging the people. They cram their schedules with special interests instead of the one and only special interest – you.

I am running because in a time of great uncertainty, we can either step aside, or step up. Today, this moment, right now can be decided by each of you listening to be that moment when we dust off our greatest page, shine up that Statue of Liberty, and hoist that star spangled banner once again. The red, white and blue stands as a city on a hill when we keep sight of our values. Our people are in charge, our decisions are best made in homes, our values live on in the embrace of our families. And our men and women in uniform are the defense our freedom.

So while the media perpetuates a season of gloom and doom, I see a season that is red, white and blue. You and I can, together, make an America that can win. That can make. That can lead the world once again. In the end, sometimes it really is that simple – and in simplicity is truth. Together, my fellow citizens, we will step up and stop it.

Thank you, God bless you, and may God bless America!