The Teddy Bill

The most sweeping pro-domestic pet federal legislation in history is just one election away. Brandon Grisez, candidate for Ohio's 12th District, has pledged to introduce this legislation as the very first bill (HB 1) in the new Congress after his election in 2018.


1) The pet Adoption Credit

Families will be allowed one tax-deduction for the cost of a domesticated pet adoption per year from a shelter or rescue organization.


2) the fair treatment act

Animals obtained using the Adoption Credit will be in a registry that spot-checks humane treatment. Abuse of these animals will be increased to a Class-A federal felony, and offenders added to a national registry similar to sex offenders.


3) The breed-specific ban

ALL breed-specific language pertaining to domesticated animals will be removed from any respective federal laws (i.e. discrimination against pit bulls, etc.)

You Can Make the Teddy Bill into Law!


1) Make the Teddy Bill a Trend! Set this picture as your profile picture, and use the hashtag #TeddyBill when you talk about animal rights online.

2) Contribute! We need to elect Brandon Grisez to Congress so that the Teddy Bill becomes law! Please select an option below to give today. Thank you!