Poll Shows Grisez with 57-43 Lead over Tiberi


July 10, 2017

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Poll Shows Grisez with 57-43 Lead over Tiberi

An internal poll released by the Brandon Grisez for Congress campaign today showed that the Worthington Republican has a 57% to 43% lead over incumbent Congressman Pat Tiberi (R-Genoa Township) in the Ohio 12th District. The public survey was conducted among voters in the Ohio 12th District between June 30 and July 5, 2017.

“This first snapshot of the race reflects what we have been hearing at events, doors and on calls with voters since I announced my campaign in February of this year – constituents are excited for a veteran to bring positive change to our district,” Grisez said in response to the results. “I am very proud that in five short months, we have been able to begin cutting through an 18-year status quo narrative, and offer the people of this district a new choice to serve them.”

Brandon Grisez is a Marine Corps veteran who served two tours in Iraq, and holds private sector job experience in the customer service and staffing industries.

More information about Grisez and his campaign can be found at www.Ohio12th.com.


Grisez Vows Winning Primary Challenge versus Tiberi

Marine Corps veteran Brandon Grisez (R-Worthington) vowed to win a primary challenge for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District after current incumbent Pat Tiberi (R-Genoa Township) announced yesterday that he has backed down from the fight for Ohio’s 2018 Senate seat in favor of seeking his own re-election to the House of Representatives.

“Pat Tiberi has now lost the trust of the people in the 12th district.” Grisez stated. “I am a Marine: Marines do not back down, and we do not lose. Our campaign has been fighting hard to earn the confidence of each person in Ohio’s 12th, and I am more convinced with every conversation that the people are looking for a new leader.”

Grisez is currently a leader with a national staffing firm focused on providing employment opportunities for our communities. He has held multiple Town Hall meetings throughout the district since announcing his congressional candidacy in February.

“I will give every ounce of my energy to win this fight to ensure the voice of the people is heard loud and clear in Washington. I would ask the people not to be swayed by big money or special interests that Tiberi represents, but be moved by hard work and the right values. It has been 18 years of weak lackluster leadership – it’s time for our district to be represented by the people for the people.”

“I will be the next Congressman,” Grisez closed. “Never underestimate a Marine”.

More information about Brandon Grisez and his campaign can be found at www.Ohio12th.com


ACA Quarterback Tiberi Fumbles ACHA


March 24, 2017

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ACA Quarterback Tiberi Fumbles ACHA


Republican Congressional Candidate Brandon Grisez launched a blistering attack on Congressman Pat Tiberi (R-Genoa Township) by releasing the following statement following today’s defeat of the American Healthcare Act in the United States House of Representatives:


“Today, Speaker Paul Ryan’s hand-picked ‘quarterback’ to repeal and replace Obamacare fumbled our one chance in the United States House. With 7 years of opposition and 18 years of Congressional experience, Pat Tiberi proved that he is entirely unable to govern. His claim that he ‘listened to his constituents on the ACA’ in his district has proven to be as baseless as the essence of his leadership for nearly 2 decades. It is clearly time for Pat Tiberi to do a public service and come home. It’s time for a real leader to represent the people in Washington, and I pledge as I did in Iraq to restore a sense of true service to Ohio’s 12th District.”



Brandon Grisez is a lifelong Ohioan and United States Marine. Brandon currently works as an Account Coordinator for one of Ohio’s leading staffing firms on the forefront of Ohio job creation. For more information, visit Grisez’s website, www.ohio12th.com, or email him at GrisezforCongress@gmail.com.



The Grisez AmeriCAN Plan - An Overview

1) Giving Our District Back to the People

How do we improve Congress' 8% approval rating? In Congress, Brandon Grisez will have a unique (but correct) way of governing - actually listening to the people of the District. He believes that listening tours and door-to-door are not just an election-time activity - they should continue all the time. He also will establish a 12th District Voting Card, and will encourage residents to vote on a weekly app/website on the issues before Congress. Grisez pledges to have a 100% score on the 12th District Voting Card, not the scorecards of lobbyists and special interests. You literally will control the 12th District's votes in Washington.

2) Economic Prosperity for The 12th District

Brandon Grisez believes in common-sense conservative economic planning, and it begins with channeling more money away from Washington, and into your pockets. He will establish tax credits that reward job-creators and businesses that hire veterans. He also will propose a % of GDP or net job-increase tax cut for all businesses and residents of the 12th District, modeled after former Gov. Sarah Palin's oil and natural gas checks that Alaska residents receive at the end of the year. When the 12th District does well, residents and businesses should see a reward.

3) A Home and a Job for Every Veteran

Our brave men and women in uniform often come home from battle without knowing what their next step will be. This is too often complicated by PTSD, family issues, and a VA that has lost its focus. As a Marine Corps veteran, Brandon Grisez will introduce legislation to put our veterans first, with the goal of every veteran coming home to a home, a job, and the assistance they need to re-adjust to civilian life. The skills that veterans receive can and should be put to use back home in the private sector. To see a veteran return home to a minimum wage future is a vast disservice - and Brandon Grisez will step up and stop it.