The Grisez AmeriCAN Plan - An Overview

1) Giving Our District Back to the People

How do we improve Congress' 8% approval rating? In Congress, Brandon Grisez will have a unique (but correct) way of governing - actually listening to the people of the District. He believes that listening tours and door-to-door are not just an election-time activity - they should continue all the time. He also will establish a 12th District Voting Card, and will encourage residents to vote on a weekly app/website on the issues before Congress. Grisez pledges to have a 100% score on the 12th District Voting Card, not the scorecards of lobbyists and special interests. You literally will control the 12th District's votes in Washington.

2) Economic Prosperity for The 12th District

Brandon Grisez believes in common-sense conservative economic planning, and it begins with channeling more money away from Washington, and into your pockets. He will establish tax credits that reward job-creators and businesses that hire veterans. He also will propose a % of GDP or net job-increase tax cut for all businesses and residents of the 12th District, modeled after former Gov. Sarah Palin's oil and natural gas checks that Alaska residents receive at the end of the year. When the 12th District does well, residents and businesses should see a reward.

3) A Home and a Job for Every Veteran

Our brave men and women in uniform often come home from battle without knowing what their next step will be. This is too often complicated by PTSD, family issues, and a VA that has lost its focus. As a Marine Corps veteran, Brandon Grisez will introduce legislation to put our veterans first, with the goal of every veteran coming home to a home, a job, and the assistance they need to re-adjust to civilian life. The skills that veterans receive can and should be put to use back home in the private sector. To see a veteran return home to a minimum wage future is a vast disservice - and Brandon Grisez will step up and stop it.